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Being an eminent name in Gymnastic Equipment Manufacturers in India and exporter, we are also a trusted player when it comes to finding gymnastic equipments in India. We manufacture a wide range of gym equipment and accessories for people of all ages. We are focused on supplying gymnastic equipment and products of excellent quality and performance at very reasonable prices. Our every product passes through several stringent quality control checks, before dispatching the same to the domestic and global markets.

Gym Kit Bags

As a prominent Gymnastics equipment manufacturer in India, we strive to manufacture and design the gymnastic products according to the dimensional recommendations required internationally. The equipments that we manufacture are gymnastic equipment, gymnastic parallel bars, horizontal bar, balancing beam, spring board, vaulting table, trampoline. We are also the manufacturer and exporter of single station gym, multi gyms, treadmill, seated chest press, cross trainer, home gym, vertical chest press, arm curl, abdominal board, eight station gym, twister, ten station gym, six station gym, and so on.

Specification :

We manufacture Gymnastic Equipments using the best quality raw materials and fine finished square and rectangular metallic tube. Special Features of Our Gymnastic Products :

  • Gymnco gym top can support 1200 kg to 1500 kg of weight for long time.
  • Our Multi gym equipments are machined to a greater degree of tolerance.
  • For smooth running, we use fine quality pulley and wires.
  • Our products are PU finished or powder coated to their ultimate levels.
  • Heavy and Solid structure of steel pipes used in the product.
  • Our every machine is manufactured as per the high qualities standard of National Body Building Federation.

In order to manufacture quality and durable products, Gymnco has built a state of the art infrastructure and a pool of experienced and innovative professionals. apart from that, we have also maintained a great number of additional personnel who help design expedient products and equipments of perfect quality at reasonable cost. We are the best Gymnastics Equipment Manufacturers in India.

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